Proud NDIS Provider

My name is Marlene Hoff and my business 100 Mile Foodie is an NDIS provider. I am a chef, hospitality trainer, cooking school owner/teacher and have taught cooking from prep-Year 12 students, plus adults in many settings including TAFE.

We support NDIS participants by encouraging the development of independent living skills through teaching participants about nutritious food choices with a hands-on approach.

We work on improving skills surrounding: food preparation, meal planning, meal prepping and meal storage, all while experiencing new flavours, new recipes, cooking and the enjoyment of food.

Positive outcomes of our program include: social participation, meeting new people, improving and developing communication skills, trying new things and development of independent life skills.

My goals for my time spent with participants are,

  • Experiencing new things in a fun and supported environment;
  • Introduction of new foods, flavours, textures and recipes participants would like to recreate;
  • Independence in choosing new foods by seasonality, nutrition & enjoyment;
  • Independence in shopping for foods through either looking through supermarket brochures and familiarising themselves with fruits and vegetables in season, identifying food on special, online shopping if living alone or visiting supermarkets or markets;
  • Meal prep knowledge in how to prepare, how to store, what temperature is required to store food safely;
  • The enjoyment of sharing a coffee/drink or snack together and how to prepare the table for the meal created;
  • Create opportunities for participants to invite friends/family to share meals created, positive affirmation from peers and family and the value of that;
  • Safe storage of food items including temperature checks of fridges and freezers, installation of temperature gauges;
  • Safe cleaning routines, clean sponges, tea towels, storage of crockery and cutlery; and
  • Most importantly cooking with the participant, teaching new skills, enjoyment of cooking and eating a meal that is delicious, healthy and nutritious.
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