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NDIS Social Groups Program

For more information on 100 Mile Foodie social group programs please call Marlene on 0432 274 907

We have the following social group programs running at present:
  • Friday night girls (16-25)
  • Friday night guys (16-35)
  • Friday night mature ladies (25+)
  • Saturday night mixed (16-40)

Upcoming Social Group Events

Friday night girls - 16-25
Friday night guys - 16-35
Friday night mature ladies - 25+
Saturday night mixed - 16-40

Interested in joining one of our social groups?

Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you!

Meet Marlene!

Share a holistic experience which tastes incredible”

In 2013, Marlene Hoff took her passion for local, sustainable, ethical food and wine to the next level. With a strong desire to create positive change, paired with her background as a chef and hospitality trainer, it was a natural progression to develop a business that gave people a better appreciation of where their food comes from, along with its ethical and environmental impact. 100 Mile Foodie endeavours to use the most locally sourced, sustainable and ethical produce available, and encourages us all to eat with conscience rather than just fill our tummies.

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