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About 100 mile foodie

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My name is Marlene Hoff, Chef, Hospitality Trainer, Passionate Foodie & Advocate for Local, Sustainable & Ethical food & wine.

In 2013 my passion to have my own business and spread the word about local, sustainable & ethical food & wine led me to establishing “100 mile foodie”.

Our family would sit at the dinner table and be excited about how locally sourced the food was on our plate. Where possible we would try & support local farmers & producers and eat with conscience in lieu of just filling our tummies. We also grow lots of herbs, fruits & veggies & have our own chooks for beautiful free-range eggs.

I have always cared deeply about where my food comes from, how it has been raised and the impact it has on the planet.

Since 2013 I have chosen to eat a diet full of local, seasonal vegetables with a small amount of sustainable fish and freerange, ethically farmed poultry, pork.beef and lamb.

Why do I do this?

Well for many reasons,

If we want to preserve and restore our environment in Australia & worldwide we must make changes to our diet.
What we eat causes many of the environmental challenges our planet faces water shortages,global warming,land degradation and food shortages globally.
On an ethical note, I choose not to contribute to the cruel industrialised farming practices which are now commonplace in Australia and across the world.

Today, very few animals roam freely on traditional farms. Most animals suffer behind the closed doors of large industrial facilities known as factory farms.

I know eating this way has an impact on not only reducing my carbon footprint, but in so many areas including the ones mentioned above.

100 Mile Foodie will endeavour to always use the most local,sustainable and ethical produce available to both create change and to share the holistic experience which tastes incredible.

I share my time between two amazing locations in Victoria Austalia.The beautiful Mornington Peninsula and the rugged South Gippsland coast, both with an abundance of local, fresh produce.

100 Mile Foodie is an exciting opportunity for me to share my food discoveries, my passions and my joy of using local, sustainable and ethical food & wine available right on my doorstep.

I will share all that I have found & all I continue to discover through my catering, preserve range, seasonal, regional lunches and cooking classes.

Our Values

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