Kitchen garden wicking beds ready to go!

Exciting times at “100 mile foodie kitchen garden” as we watch the dream roll out week after week. Kate our Amazing gardener extraordinaire has transformed a underutilised area of our block to an amazing productive soon to be fresh food-producing zone which will  service our cooking school, local chefs tailored orders and of course our families “seed to table” meals.We are also very thankful to our wonderful neighbour Allan who has done some serious hard yards laying builders plastic, building a hothouse out of an old woodshed, building a new woodshed, putting in overflow taps etc & of course us the 100 mile foodie family, thanks guys we’ve all done an awesome job 🙂

Here are my prized original apple crates delivered with the original stamp of a local orchid & hinges which use to be opened so the apples could fall out, priceless

Moved into place! This area of the garden was so underutilised soon it will be a very productive veggie growing zone

Apple crates in place, old woodshed now a new hothouse & new woodshed & a potting area complete with a sink, awesome idea Allen 🙂

All wicking equipment in, black plastic, carpet, scoria,dirt, cow manure & sugar cane mulch all in!

And the wonder herself Kate X

Our “100 mile foodie kitchen garden” is no longer a dream it’s now a reality, stay tuned for next week when all our gorgeous little seedlings are transplanted from the hothouse into the wicking beds ready to grow

Till next time

Marlene X

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