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Herbs & Organic herbal tea bags for sale

Hi my business 100 mile foodie is a local Somerville catering & gourmet product range of preserves business which is also building a Kitchen Garden & Cooking School.
Each day I am home I will put out a blackboard of what I have for sale from my garden which is grown chemical free & picked that day.
I will also be selling as the weeks progress homemade dips & yoghurt & fruit pods (both with nutrition panels, low carbs, low calorie & low fat great as morning & afternoon snacks)
No blackboard yet but I have bunches of,
Oregano, Curry leaves, Bay leaves, Pizza thyme, Thyme, Mint and a range of teas made from dried ingredients from my Kitchen Garden. Herbs are $3.00 per bunch & Teas are $10.00 per bag (All Organic)
My address is 24 Chesterfield Road Somerville, please come on the verandah & choose & pay.

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