Keeping healthy backyard chooks- for prime egg production & family fun

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie 24 Chesterfield road Somerville 3912

Marlene owner 100 Mile Foodie has collaborated with Julieann Thomas to bring you an informative workshop on 'Keeping healthy backyard poultry' which includes lunch, pratical demonstraions with 100 Mile Foodie chooks, workshop topics below, class notes, recipes & a lengthy Q & A

The expert

Julieann Thomas will deliver the workshop and has a wealth of experience in the area of poultry.

"Having spent much of my younger years travelling in the Australian outback I developed an affinity with birds & animals at a young age. I have been breeding and keeping poultry since I was young and am thrilled with the increasing trend of keeping backyard chickens for egg production . I worked for my local vet for 20 years and have seen and tried a manner of varied methods to ensure poultry are kept healthy. In the last 5 years I have moved to Pearcedale on 10 acres with my family, and have begun specialising in breeding bantam and coloured egg laying breeds. With this move I have expanded my knowledge extensively through reading and discussions with local poultry businesses and avian veterinarians. I have a Facebook blog page Pearcedale Pekins feathered friends. I look forward to sharing my experiences and practical knowledge with you to help you keep your feathered friends happy and healthy"

The workshop information

  1. Breeds (including heritage), life spans, traits, functions, quirks and types for different situations and purposes.
  2. Food types and treats
  3. Functions and benefits of keeping chickens
  4. Chicken coop design and space required
  5. Needs of chcikens-how to provide a happy fulfilling life
  6. How to provide protection from predators
  7. Shellgrit-why use it
  8. Bedding-most appropriate
  9. Parasite treatments
  10. Worming
  11. Maintaining the health of your flock organically
  12. Egg development and shell formation
  13. Beneficail plants and herbs
  14. Using your flock in a garden or permaculture situation
  15. And lots more including a 30 minute Q & A

The workshop will include handling chickens, displays of products and resources

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