Bread Making ,Sweet Kids 6-10 Years @100 Mile Foodie's Kitchen-garden

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie 24 Chesterfield road Somerville 3912

Bread making has a great educational potential. It’s a fun and practical activity that teaches children about food, healthy eating, mathematics (sequencing, measuring, estimating, adding), science, hygiene, safe food handling, expands vocabulary and actively engages all senses.

MakeBread workshops are “hands-on” – all students have the opportunity to knead and shape the dough

Bread making is a real life skill and kids are thrilled to eat food they have made.

The dough is made from scratch: children can follow all the steps from ingredients mixing to baked product

Bread making represents practical education where children are involved in the whole process rather than just being spectators.

Workshops are tailored to suit the age of the group

We use certified organic flour and all natural/organic ingredients free from artificial and potentially harmful additives, preservatives and flavours.

MakeBread caters for children with all food allergies, including coeliac and wheat intolerance.

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