Winter Braising (Cooking Class & Lunch)

LOCATION: Hillock Downs Produce Store 151 Dundas Street Rye

Nothing says comfort quite like warm and hearty braises, piping hot mash and bubbling crumbles so come along and enjoy a Winter feasting menu whilst supporting local.

The menu will include,

Slow-Cooked Beef brisket from Hillock downs

How to create a melt in the mouth, beautifully tender beef that can be used in a simple pot pie, an easy weeknight pappardelle, a funky beef slider or simple served straight from the pot with your favourite mash.

Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder from Woolumbi Farm

Everyone’s favourite Sunday roast is Lamb but slow-roasting a lamb shoulder will take your tastebuds to the next level! Serve your friends sliders filled with pulled lamb, baby spinach & a yoghurt, lemon & cumin dressing, Sunday lunch explodes with flavour when covered in a pomegranate glaze and served with Moroccan style cous cous or a dinner with friends with a Ras el Hanout spice rub and a honey & yoghurt sauce? The options are endless & you will have the opportunity to try them all.

Hawkes Vegetables potato mash, adding flavours you might never have thought about!

Local seasonal Veg and a Raspberry & Rhubarb crumble Sunnyridge strawberry farm

Comfort food at its best

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