​Healthy gut healthy mind. Eating for better mental health

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Healthy gut healthy mind. Eating for better mental health

The health of the gut is central to every aspect of health & in particular plays a role in influencing our mood and behaviour. The gut is intricately linked to the state of our mood and nervous system. It is vital to look at the mind-gut connection when treating any sort of digestive disturbance or any mental health conditions. Figuring out which one is triggering the other can help us unlock the answer to the symptoms being presented.

Recent research has shown we should not underestimate the power of changing our food to improve our mood. Nutritionist Alison Tehan from www.alisontehan.com will teach you how you can support your gut to improve your stress response, what foods can help improve our mood and how the state of digestive system can impact how we feel and behave.

Alison will show you how to easily prepare prebiotic foods and incorporate them in your diet, which are vital for achieving good gut health and can impact our mood.

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