Healing your body from the inside out – Gut-skin Connection

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie 24 Chesterfield road Somerville 3912

When it comes to beautiful, glowing skin its easy to focus on beauty from the outside in when its just as important to focus on beauty from the inside out. Your skin is not just a layer, its an organ and is an amazing indicator of what is going on inside your body – specifically your gut health.

Alison Tehan Nutritionist from www.alisontehan.com will teach you how the gut is intricately link to our skin and what foods and nutrients our gut needs for glowing skin. To reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress that can affect our skin, its important our gut heath is optimised to absorb essential nutrients.

Alison will show you how to include prebiotic and probiotic foods that contain essential nutrients to suppot our skin health. You will learn how to make your own fermented cheeses, smoothie bowls, anti inflammatory foods and lots more.

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