Hands on learning in the Kitchen-garden with Marlene & Jenna

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie 24 Chesterfield road Somerville 3912

Learning in the Garden

Your child spends a lot of time indoors. Encouraging your child to spend time playing outdoors can help their motor, sensory, social and cognitive development – and is great for their general health and wellbeing.

Children learn differently when outdoors. In fact, for many children, outdoors is generally where they learn best.

That’s why the fabulous Marlene from 100 Mile Foodie has joined up with the talented Jenna Clayton, who has her Masters of Teaching with years of early childhood experience, to bring you 100% hands-on learning experience in the 100 Mile Foodie Kitchen-Garden.

Concepts we will cover in the wonderful Kitchen-Garden:

o Fine motor development skills (strengthening hand and finger muscles)
o Pre-writing skills
o Numeracy concepts (number, shape, colour)
o Literacy concepts (letters and sounds of the alphabet, name recognition)
o Social Skills (listening skills, learn how to take turns, share responsibly, creatively problem solve, develop empathy, build confidence and self-esteem)

In this 100% hands on class children 4-8 years will come along and explore the beautiful kitchen-garden. They will learn the joys of organic gardening and health benefits of fresh, seasonal fruit, veg and herbs. Plus read stories, go on sensory scavenger hunts and an organic scenic walk, do crafts and cook some yummy dishes – and this is only to list a few.

The lunch menu will be based around what is harvested on the day from the garden. The vegetables, herbs and fruits grown in the 100 mile foodie kitchen-garden where possible or sources locally from sustainable and ethically farmed suppliers. 100 mile foodie will emphasise balance and moderation, and endorse the concept of preparing fruit-based deserts ‘sometimes-only’

Outdoor play is great fun and promotes happy, healthy and strong children. So make sure you book soon so they don’t miss out on all the fun!!

Marlene & Jenna X

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