Greek Easter Lamb Masterclass

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie, 24 Chesterfield Road, Somerville, 3912

There's a long history with lamb, Easter and the Greeks. That means there's a whole lot of juicy recipes and generational know-how! You'll get your share of both learning and eating at this combined workshop-lunch.

It's about knowing what to do with that big piece of meat on that good-sized bone, isn't it? Handy then, that master butcher Andrew Whyte is running this workshop-lunch in time for your Easter feast. He'll get your confidence and enthusiasm flowing, and you'll add to your kitchen bag-of-tricks (and sate your appetite at the same time).

Andrew will talk you through the anatomy of the lamb, the best cuts and how to use them. Once you've got the groundwork covered, he'll guide you through the process of how to bone out a leg of lamb. Making a traditional Greek stuffing is next, then learning how to stuff, roll and tie the lamb for either a spit or an oven roast.

The class winds up slowly with a luscious lunch of roast lamb, seasonal salads, crispy potatoes and complementary sauces, matched with a glass of local wine. And it doesn't end there: you'll take home that boned, stuffed leg of lamb you turned out earlier.

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