The Gardenettes Chloe Thomson presents - Summer Veggie garden Workshop

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie 24 Chesterfield road Somerville 3912

Planning & Starting your Summer veggie garden

Join Chloe Thomson from The Gardenettes and Bean There Dug That for an introductory vegetable gardening class. Chloe’s been working in the horticultural media for over 10 years now and has grown vegetables in all sorts of gardens including balconies, share house gardens, raised beds and planter boxes. And she’s keen to show you that you CAN grow at least some of the food you eat, right in your own backyard or courtyard or balcony!

During this 2 hour gardening workshop attendees will learn about how to plan and start their vegetable garden from the ground up. You’ll cover aspects of what to grow, where to grow it and why to grow it. Chloe will also give you ideas and examples of vegetable gardens that could work in your garden.

Once you’re inspired about how to get growing, we will discuss how to grow it and care for it - so you have a bumper vegetable harvest! And of course Chloe can answer all your questions throughout the workshop.

Chloe will also lead you through a small hands-on edible gardening project, that you can take home at the end of the day. All attendees will also get a goodie bag of fabulous organic gardening samples.

1. Location - where to put my veggie garden

- discuss how to find the ideal spot, discuss watching your garden throughout the seasons

- using pots, raised beds or moveable gardens to overcome a “ungardenable garden”

2. What to grow and why?

- choose veggies that you LOVE to eat, what herb do you always buy from the supermarket?

- what fruit or veggie can’t you live without in the fridge.

- seasonality of veggies such as tomatoes for summer harvest, pumpkins for autumn harvest

3. Where to grow it and how?

4. Gardening from the ground up

- how to tell if your soil is any good for growing veggies

- how to improve your soil

- which potting mix to choose if growing in pots & which pots to choose

- Choosing pots, raised beds, planter tubs, vertical gardens etc - look at the options available

- Look at up cycled and cheap ways AND look at “ready to go”fast (but more expensive) options too.

5. Growing herbs/veggies indoors - what to grow/when/how and options to make it easy if you are limited

with space

6. What to plant now - info on what to plant for summer & autumn.

7. Veggie TLC

- Fertiliser recommendations, a basic understanding of how to read a fertiliser label (NPK) what to look

for when looking for organic fertilisers.

- Watering - how often, when to water, crop water requirements.

- Pest & disease control - organic pest and disease control advice

5. Thinking outside the square projects - you will create one or more of these with Chloe to take home.

- a herb wreath planter

- edible herb pots as thank you gifts for teachers or staff (“Thanks for helping me Grow”signs)

- mini pots of micro greens

- edible flower pot plant combos

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