Crustaceans & Molluscs- Prawns, Oysters and Mussels. Let's Cook

LOCATION: 100 mile foodie 24 Chesterfield road Somerville 3912

Do you love seafood but only eat it when you order it in a restaurant because your not sure how to tell if it's fresh, how to clean it, how to prepare and how cook it?

This Cooking class will focus on Molluscs- Mussels & Oysters and Crustaceans- Prawns & Crabs.

1. How to purchase, what to look for, how do I know their fresh

2. How to clean

3. How to prepare

4. How to cook

To start we will pair a local glass of bubbles with a,

Gin & Tonic Oyster, Oyster topped with Cerise gin granita and a Cucumber & jalapeno oyster shooter.

Next we will roll up our sleeves and learn how to clean Mussels and create some delicious recipes including,

Cider Mussels, Stuffed baked Mussels and Mussels in white wine garlic butter sauce.

To finish we will continue hands-on making Prawn rice paper rolls then fire up the BBQ to cook Sriracha butter & garlic prawns, Chilli prawns

All served with local sourdough, to mop up the sauces and seasonal salad greens from Benton Rise Farm.

All seafood sourced locally from Peninsula Fish Co 210 Dunns Road Mornington, Victoria

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